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If youíre not sure whatís going down your floor drains while your're not there, take control with Lock and Stopô.  The Lock and Stopô locks your drain strainer or screen to the end of the pipe and provides you with a key so only you or the people you trust can access the drain.  This is the first and only locking device which does not require you to purchase new drain strainers.  

All parts are 100% stainless steel making it durable, corrosion proof, and virtually impossible to penetrate.  Lock and Stopô is also the only locking solution which comes with easy installation tools and a free Drain-Net which conveniently fits underneath your locked drain strainer!  When used together, you possess the best defense against costly drain clogs caused by large or small debris.
Lock and Stop's head is custom made
Are you tired of paying costly plumbing bills because your drains are used as the easy way to sweep away food, garbage, and large debris?
Putting trash down drain
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Ideal Solution for:
Grocery Stores
Hotels and Casinos
Food Processing
Any industry with drains
How It Works
1. Lock and Stopô works by inserting an expandable steel cross member in a drain about 2" below the drain strainer.  When tightened, the cross member exerts enough force against the interior wall of the drain to be virtually immovable.

2. A bolt is then inserted through the drain strainer and threaded through the immovable crossmember which now makes the strainer virtually immovable.

3. The bolt's head is custom made so that only a custom made spanner tool can lock and unlock the drain.